Horse Drawn Carriage

A horse drawn hearse can be a more traditional tribute to your loved one, adding a real sense of occasion to the funeral. We can offer you two main choices either black horses and carriage or white horses with matching carriage, we also offer a variety of coloured plumes and drapes, which can personalise the horse-drawn hearse for the day.

Our horse drawn carriages we use have been worked hard on to restore them to its current, pristine condition so that this perfect carriage can be used to transport your loved one to their place of rest. We use Fully licenced and the most highly qualified & certificated commercial Coachmen in the UK.

All the horses we use are very highly trained and enjoy their work to the full. All enjoy being ridden or just letting off steam in the field as much as they do their carriage work. It’s important they have other things to do when they’re not working, All our horses are all part of our working team on the day and are very well looked after and kept very happy at all times.

For that extra special touch we can also offer a team of four or six horses.

As with all our funerals we keep our horse drawn funerals not only to a high standard but very competitive in price trying our best to make it as affordable as possible. For the high level of service we offer we will always be cheaper than any other Funeral Director in the local area.

Please chat to us if you would like any more information.